Welcome to the personal website of Daniel J. Hakimi. I'm currently a law student at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. I previously studied Computer Science and Philosophy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I made this website using XHTML5, Javascript, and CSS. You can learn more about me, see my portfolio on the works page, or just play around--you know you want to.

Here, you can see the shiniest parts of my portfolio.

The Dangers of Automated Transactions

The two of us have recently been turned on to a story about a textbook. As the story goes, two companies implemented two very stupid automated pricing algorithms: the first set its price by multiplying the second’s price by 0.9983, and the second set its price by multiplying the first’s price by 1.27059. What’s scarier is that nobody bothered to check these prices, and keep them in check, until the prices were greater than $23 million.

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On Funny

You’re not funny. Nobody’s funny. And, well, everybody is funny. Being funny is a weird thing. Sometimes, trying to be funny just makes you less funny. Sometimes, it helps. Some people are inherently funnier than others. Some people fundamentally misunderstand the concept of a joke. Or of humor.

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The Hackman-Cohanpour School

The Hackman-Cohanpour School for Girls in Rural Cambodia is a charity organization raising money to build a school for children in Cambodia. While the school is co-ed, girls will be paid a stipend to attend school instead of working, and will be afforded a chance to escape from the fate so many girls in the nation fall prey to—being sold as a sex slave.

The web site integrates social media, a call-to-action button, bright colors, and other features to encourage people to get involved in the project—whether sharing on facebook or twitter, writing a blog post, telling friends in person, or donating. In many ways, raising awareness is as important to this project as raising funds.

RPI Print Queue Checker

Here, we turn JSON data into an effective way for students to check printer status and queues. jQuery allows us to update the list frequently without reloading the page. Made as part of the RPI Web Technologies Group, in conjunction with Jonathan Goldszmidt.


I worked on this project as a part of KingPin Web Design. I'm not thrilled with certain design aspects the customer specified (or the title), but I did some nice things with CSS in a short time frame. No picture (because I think it's ugly), but feel free to enjoy a technical look at what I'm capable of.

All of my other exciting creations will go here.

I am a student at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. I previously studied Computer Science and Philosophy at Rensselaer Polytechnic institute. I intend to enter the field of Intellectual Property law.

You can find out a whole bunch by looking at my facebook profile or twitter feed. Or, you can just download my resume in PDF or .docx format.



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