Welcome to the personal website of Daniel J. Hakimi. I'm a legal professional and techie working for IBM. I made this website using HTML5, Javascript, JQuery and CSS. You can learn more about me, see my portfolio on the works page, or just play around--you know you want to.

The Dangers of Automated Transactions

The two of us have recently been turned on to a story about a textbook. As the story goes, two companies implemented two very stupid automated pricing algorithms: the first set its price by multiplying the second’s price by 0.9983, and the second set its price by multiplying the first’s price by 1.27059. What’s scarier is that nobody bothered to check these prices, and keep them in check, until the prices were greater than $23 million.

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At the Awards Ceremony

Click. And then, flash. The gluttons capture every image they can find of the men, in their suits, and the women, in their elegant gowns. The lights shine. Tensions rise, and fall, and rise, on the red carpet, before The Awards Ceremony.

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I am a legal professional awaiting admission to the New York State Bar. I studied law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and Computer Science and Philosophy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I currently do IP-law related work for IBM.

You can learn more about me by looking at my facebook profile or twitter feed. Or, you can just download my resume in PDF or .docx format.